Remote Learning during coronavirus times.

Challenges and Ideas to teach online during the pandemic. No one was prepared for remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic. Students who are now suddenly attending the classroom online are struggling to learn in this new model. Learn more about remote learning as you are teaching during the coronavirus time.

Remote Learning – 6 Ways the COVID Crisis Can Help Kids Build Strengths and Skills

learning during coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis has caused lots of stress, disruption, and loss for kids and families. Remote learning during coronavirus has had a major impact. While some kids have thrived, others have struggled.

But the pandemic has also created opportunities. Having more flexibility during the day means kids can explore new interests and skills. Here are six ways the pandemic can help kids build strengths.

Using Morning Messages to Start the Day in Distance Learning during coronavirus time

Remote teaching during coronavirus

The beginning of the school day is an important time for students as they transition from home to school. Many students have been doing remote learning during coronavirus time. Helping students make this transition is even more important when they’re doing their school work at home. One strategy I use to set the tone for a day of learning is an interactive morning message. The morning message is a daily message from the teacher that is posted for students when they enter the classroom. It can be written on chart paper or projected on the whiteboard. It can also be shared via Google Slides to reach students who are distance learning.

Learning Ideas – 5 Radical Schooling Ideas For An Uncertain Fall And Beyond

Remote learning ideas

There is no one answer for what the coming school year will look like, but it won’t resemble the fall of 2019. Wherever classrooms are open, there will likely be some form of social distancing and other hygiene measures in place that challenge traditional teaching and learning. Future outbreaks will make for unpredictable waves of closures. Remote learning during the coronavirus will continue. And all this will happen amid a historic funding crunch.

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