Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities

Are you teaching children with learning disabilities? Children with ADHD, reading disabilities, dyslexia and other disorders can experience more struggle than their peers. They may have difficulty performing tasks, focusing on lessons, remembering concepts, and adapting to changing routines.  Fortunately, teachers can help children with learning disabilities who are struggling. Here are a series of publications with some ideas on how to support a child with learning difficulties in school.

6 Strategies for Teaching in Special Education Classes Children With Learning Disabilities

While the push in education these days seems to be toward online education and the inclusion of special education students within mainstream classrooms, special education classes are still needed for more severely teaching children with learning disabilities. The purpose of the special classroom setting is to provide more intensive, individualized attention to the students who most need it.

How to Teach a Child With Learning Disabilities

elder sister and brother studying at home

Learning disabilities are surprisingly common. They are a result of differences in brain structure but do not relate to intelligence, behavior, or focus. In short, they are differences that make it challenging teaching children with learning disabilities to succeed in a typical American school, though they may have relatively little impact on tasks of daily living. Fortunately, teachers can help children with learning disabilities who are struggling.

Dyslexia as a Learning Disability: Teachers' Perceptions and Practices at School Level

The study explored teachers’ perceptions and practices at the school level with special reference to dyslexia. Children suffering from Dyslexia – learning disability, took more time than their peers to understand as well as to complete the task. Teachers faced difficulties while teaching dyslexic students along with other students as they cannot complete their tasks in one sitting. They help the students to boost their confidence as well as self-esteem.

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