Foqas Non-Profit Initiatives

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, New York, USA (Pending Approval)

We belive that education is the key to success, and providing equitable and quality education for all is necessary in building a society where every individual have the equal opportunity for success. But the reality is, some communities need more support than others, and with Foqas Non-Profit initiatves, we aim to extend our arm to communities who needs some extra support. Foqas Non-Profit intiatives are known as “Teacher Networking Group” which is a Non-Profit organization, registered in New York State.

Non-Profit Programs

High-Quality Lesson Plans

Create High-Quality lesson plans and make it available to all teachers across the nations, on topics such as Drug Abuse, Gender Equality, Climate Change, etc.

Climate Change Resources

Promote contents related to being responsible for climate changes, build teaching resources on dealing with climate change issues.