Support Manual - Certificates

Creating a new Folder

Open Certificates Feature

Click on Certificates menu on left side

Create New Folder

Click on “Add Folder” to get started

Certificates Add Folder

Enter Folder Details

Unlike just a simple folder, Foqas certificate folders are specific templates based on your State’s teacher licensing requirements. 

State: Select the state where you teach

Folder Type: Select the type of your teaching license

Folder Name: Select folder name of your choosing.

Then, click on “Save” to create the folder.

Certificates Folder Details

Inside Folder Template

Tracking CEU Hours

Folder will autometically track the hours needed for you to meet your State’s teacher licensing requirements.

Certificates Track Hours

State's Requirements

Based on your State’s licensing requirements, folder will autometically create the requirement categories you will need for your teaching license.

You will be able to upload certificates inside the requirement, and your hours will be autometically tracked by the requirements.

Your requirement will also turn “Green” if you have met the requirement.

Share folder with School

You can share your folder with your school administration. This will allow your school admin to be able to view your learning and guide you better toward your growth.

Note: Sharing is completely optional, you may or may not choose to share your folder. 

More Details

If you want to learn more about your State’s teaching licesning requirements, click on “More Details” from the option menu.

Certificates MoreDetails A

Clicking on “More Details” will view your States’s license requirements.

Add Certificate

Add Certificate

Click on “Add Certificate” from Options menu.

Enter Certificate Information

Enter certiciate Details

Attach Certificate: Upload your certificate, preferred format PDF. You can also upload an image or take a picture using your camera, in this case Foqas will autometically conver your image to a PDF file. Foqas uses PDF format to ensure your certificate can be printed on a standard paper size.

Certifcate Issue Date: Enter the date you received your certificate.

Category: Select the category of your certificate.

Description: Enter a brief description about your certificate.

Hours: Enter the number of hours awarded for this certificate, your Folder will track these hours.

Primary Requirement: Select which of your State’s requirement is met by this certificate.

NOTE: Sometimes, one certificate may meet multiple requirements, in those cases you may also add secondary requirements for the certificate. 

Click on “Save” to upload your certificate.

Add Requirements

Add Requirement

Sometimes you may want to change the Folder template autometically generated for you, maybe because your school district or your school wants you to have slightly different learning plan than your State. In those cases, you can choose to add new requirements in your Folder.

Click on “Add Requirement” from Options menu.

Enter Requirement Details

Enter requirement details

Requirement Name: Enter a requirement name of your choosing

Short Name: Enter a short name, this is used when you download a summary report

Certificates Add Requirement B

Download Summary

Download Folder Summary

Click on “Download Summary” from options menu.

Download Folder Summary

You can easily download

Download Certificate: This will combine all your selected certificates in the folder and then download all of those as one PDF file.

Download Summary: This will download a summary report of your all your selected certificates in the folder, you may submit this summary report to your school or state officials.

Certificates Download Summary B

Summary Report

Foqas will autometically generate a summary of your learning, you may use this document in your teaching licesne renewal process.