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Settings - Activate features

Profile Settings

Foqas has advanced features for teachers that can be activated from the Profile Settings page.

Certificates Profile Settings

Profile Settings

Activate features for teachers

Certificates: If you enable this feature, you will be able to upload all your continuing education certificates in Foqas. Also, you will find folders that will autometically generate a template based on your State’s Teacher Licensing requirements, and track your CEU hours.

Opportunities: If you enable this feature, you will be able to get access to a platform where all the teacher learning opportunities are listed, you will find various types of events, courses, and other opportunities to help you grow in your teaching career. 

Resources: If you enable this feature, you will find a vast and open-source library of teaching resources. Also, you will be able to upload your teaching resources online and share with other teachers in your school.

Mentorship: If you enable this feature, you will get access to an open platform where experianced teachers are volunteering to support other teachers. You can request FREE support from other teachers, and can get connected with other teachers willing to support you.

Notes: If you enable this feature, you will be able to store all your teaching notes online, the best part is that you can now search feature to search through all your notes.

Certificates Profile Settings B

Connect with your School

Connect with School Network

When you create an account in Foqas, you are autometically part of the Foqas Network, where all teachers are connected with each other. 

But, you may want to connect with other teachers at your school for a more closer collaboration. You can do this by connecting with your school’s private network. 

NOTE: Your school must first create a Foqas Instiution Account, as you will be connecting to this account. For more info: Click here.

Click on “Connect” button.

Two ways to connect

You may connect with your school network by any of the two options. 

Connect into Existing Account: Select this option if your school has provided you with “User ID” & “Access Code”.

Connect as New User: Select this option if this is the first time you will be connecting with your school, and your school has not provided you with any connection information.

NOTE: You may not find your school in the search list if your school’s Network is Private, or your school has not created an instiution account in Foqas.

Profile Connet two ways