Learn to see things differently

It always important to broaden your horizons; Mentoring gives you the chance to engage with someone younger than you, who may see things very differently. In a changing world, it is essential to understand how those who have come after you think, and also how they view your own generation.

Sharing your experiences

Share with other teachers what you learned from your experiances, and help them avoid similar mistakes. Sharing your experiences may help you understand them in a different light but can provide crucial insight to another person.

Challenge old behaviour

We all get into bad habits, a different point of view can help you understand why you take a certain course of action, or why you think in a certain way. As you pass on your advice and experience, you will have a better idea of how well you are living your own life.

Practice being a leader

Leadership is a valuable skill in any environment, and mentoring is a key part of it. The ability to help others learn and progress will be a key skill in your career, and you will also be able to build your communication skills. Get ahead early and demonstrate to your employers that you have what it takes to lead.

Change someone’s life

Engaging with someone who has had an entirely different experiances can be immensely rewarding for both of you. Many young teachers never get the same opportunities as you, but you can help change this. Give a new generation the encouragement and support that will help them make the most of their potential.

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